Sunday, December 2, 2012

(25) Tennessee
Capitol: Nashville

YAHOOOOO!!! I am half way done with my pin project! Too late to turn back now!

All along I figured my Tennessee pin would be some sort of tribute to Elvis, and/or Nashville. Once again the size was intimidating, 2 1/2" x 5/8". Not much you can do with such a long, skinny piece. Then, while perusing the inventory at my favorite Boulder bead shop, "Nomad Bead Merchants" (1909 9th St), I found these wonderful guitar beads. They put Tennessee in line as the next pin to work on.

Once again, what to bead as a background posed a problem. My main visual memory of Elvis (besides the bad movies), is him decked out in a white jumpsuit embellished with lots of bling. A google search turned up The creator of this site has photos of a history of Elvis stage wear from 1969-1977. There are pictures of Elvis in over 100 jumpsuits. OVER 100!!! The man liked his jumpsuits.

So, in honor of the King, the Tennessee pin has an acoustic guitar, and the background brings to mind a tacky, white jumpsuit. I threw in the electric guitar in honor of some Nashville stars, and because the bead existed! FYI, Elvis apparently never played electric guitar. Who knew? And yes, I know most Nashville starts play acoustic. But some play electric~

Elvis has left the building.

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