Friday, December 21, 2012

(28) Alabama

Capitol: Montgomery

Well, another little sabbatical to go back to NY to visit my folks. Had a wonderful time with my parents and brother and his family. I did some beading, but couldn't actually finish the pins until I got home.

Alabama is another of those states that I have been to, but didn't have an idea floating around in my head. Years ago we spent a weekend visiting friends in Birmingham. We had a wonderful visit. One thing I remember is that the city had a surprisingly international flavor... lots of great restaurants. I didn't expect that when we headed to Alabama. A nice surprise.

Chatting with friends from Alabama I discovered that the first manned spaceship to the moon was built in Alabama. Bingo! So, here is my latest pin, with a rocket ship heading toward the moon. The "moon" is a bone "face" cabachon. I love it!

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