Monday, February 11, 2013

(45) Michigan

Capitol: Lansing

I was soliciting ideas for Michigan and got an earful of ideas about the car industry. Since I already beaded a camper on Iowa, I had no desire to bead a car on Michigan. My daughter's boyfriend hails from Michigan, so she suggested I bead his face. Uh, no.

I found several fun facts about Michigan. For instance, the Kellogg Company has made Battle Creek the Cereal Capital of the World. The Kellogg brothers accidentally discovered the process for producing flaked cereal products and sparked the beginning of the dry cereal industry. Interesting, but not really beadable. Another interesting fact, Michigan has 116 lighthouses and navigational lights. Trouble is, Maine won the beaded lighthouse contest.

Then I discovered that Colon, Michigan is home to the world's largest manufacturer of magic supplies. Whoa! The possibilities are endless! Hence, a rabbit in a hat!

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