Tuesday, January 22, 2013

(37) Arkansas

Capitol: Little Rock

My niece, Kelly, went to the University of Arkansas. When I asked her for ideas (besides a razorback!) she mentioned the rolling hills, trees, etc. Everyone I quizzed mentioned the greenery, forests, lakes, parks. I wanted more, so, off to find something more.

And then I found it... located just outside of Murfreesboro, Crater of Diamonds State Park. CRATER OF DIAMONDS! I just had to bead that.

Crater of Diamonds State Park allows dedicated prospectors to search for precious gems including diamonds, amethyst, garnet, jasper, agate, and quartz. A little research showed that the crater of diamonds is actually just a field. A 37 1/2-acre plowed field, the eroded surface of an ancient volcanic crater that 100 million years ago brought to the surface the diamonds and some of the semi-precious stones lucky visitors find here today.

Facts shmacts I say. I'm beading a darn crater of diamonds! I built up a crater of peyote stitching, then filled it with Swarovski crystals. The crater is surrounded with rolling green hills.

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