Tuesday, January 22, 2013

(38) Nebraska

Capitol: Lincoln

Nebraska is another state of which I have an unfavorable view. In the early 80's my college sweetie and I flew to California to pick up an MG from my brother Larry, and drive it back to NY to deliver it to my brother Fran. Well, being an MG it broke down frequently on the drive... at least a few times a day. Something to do with the fuel pump I think. Many people were helpful, but NOT in Nebraska. They mostly yelled out the window of their car: "Buy American"! And don't even get me going on the truck stop! Grrrrr.

Well, I put that behind me and tried to find something about to Nebraska to bead. Most people mentioned the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers. Didn't really stir my creative thoughts. Off to Google. And what did I find? Center pivot irrigation. Huh?

You know when you look out the window of a plane and see farmland that has all sorts of circular fields? Well, those are the result of center pivot irrigation. Nebraska is both the nation's largest producer and user of center pivot irrigation. About 72% of the irrigated land in Nebraska is irrigated with sprinkler systems which are predominantly center pivots. Nebraska's Center Pivot Water Conservation Project is helping pivot irrigators become more efficient in their water management. Fascinating, right?

I liked the idea of a bunch of circles... aka polka dots. Mainly because I have a fabulous polka dotted bike, "Dot". She is blue with pink and white polka dots. So, I decided to view Nebraska's center pivot irrigation through rose colored glasses! (and pay tribute to Dot in the process.)

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