Friday, April 13, 2012

(8) Arizona

Capitol: Phoenix

Our Spring break plans landed us in Sedona, AZ this March. Thus, Arizona's role in this bead pin project rotation. My original plans for Arizona involved saguaro cactus, and muted tans and pink/oranges of the Painted Desert. I wanted to give the desert a 3-D effect, but couldn't draw it ( actually, I can't draw anything ), so, after finishing beading my saguaro, I went to bed. Before nodding off I remember encountering a "vortex" in Sedona. I didn't actually experience it, there was a sign! In a nutshell (emphasis on "nut"), "Sedona vortexes are created, not by wind or water, but from spiraling spiritual energy." Need more info, try Google.

So, my beautiful saguaro cactus is paired with a painted desert "vortex", and a beautiful turquoise sky. Very Southwestern.

DISCLAIMER: Not calling "vortex people" nuts, however, it was a hard concept to take seriously when my introduction was a 8" x 11 1/2" piece of paper with the word "Vortex" , and an arrow pointing to a chair in a lawn ornament store!

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