Friday, April 13, 2012

(7) Kentucky

I was looking at some bone horses I have and started thinking about the Kentucky Derby. This thought led to Kentucky Bluegrass, the lawn variety. When I googled "Kentucky Bluegrass" it brought up information on Kentucky Blue Grass, the musical variety. ... along with some bizarre pictures of Kentucky Blue people, but you will have to research that one yourself.

So, I decided upon a beaded banjo, along with some nice "blue" grass. Clever, huh?

Another "Bead Grop" meeting brought more encouraging words.

Capitol: Frankfort (who knew?)


phoebe said...

I was born and grew up in Kentucky and I love that you chose a banjo for your Kentucky pin! Loos awesome! (I found your blog through the arty cartophiles group on facebook, love what you're doing :) )

laurie said...

Thanks Phoebe! This has been a really fun project, so far!