Friday, April 13, 2012

Where to Begin

Now, about the states... Originally I was going to research each state a little - state flower, state bird, economy, flag, nicknames, gemstone, tree, mineral, but, etc. Two problems... too much work, and too much info. Most pins are smaller than 2 square inches. Instead, I will bead (or whatever) each state considering what it means to me. Ideas lacking, I can always fall back on research.
Next, how to make each pin. Bead embroidery is my obvious first choice. Will I do them all in bead embroidery, or mix it up. I've started with bead embroidery, but I thinks I progress other methods may be used.
Possibilities: various techniques of bead embroidery (with various types/sizes of beads), peyote, brick stitch, herringbone, metal work, paper, glass, loom. And whatever else may pop into my head.
I do want to have a common thread throughout the project. I will stitch a silver, stamped bead to the capitol on each state.

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