Friday, April 13, 2012

(2) Florida

Months after beading Colorado, my interest in this project was renewed. For some reason I couldn't get Florida's nickname,"The Sunshine State" (adopted officially by Florida legislature in 1970), out of my head. So, I glued a mini face cabochon (made of bone) on to the base and beaded sunshine. I tried to made the beading look a little messy, and it came out great. I used yellow and orange size 15 seed beads with various finishes.

Also, it felt necessary to bead a panhandle on the "panhandle". All of my Revereware pots and pans have a black handle with a silver loop on the end. So, I beaded a black panhandle, with a silver jump ring.

What does Florida mean to me? Well, sun! Not just weather wise, but personally, as my sweet spouse is a Floridian. And then, the panhandle and the sun make me think of fried eggs, which Bill frequently makes for me. Yumm!

Florida isn't quite finished yet. I still have to add the pin back, backing, and edging. I'll update the photo when I do.

Capitol: Tallahasee

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